5 Tips to Write a Winning Resume

Updated on August 14, 2018

When you’re applying for a job, your most important document after your cover letter is your resume. This will tell your future boss the kind of work you have under your belt and the skills you have and will help them decide if you should be called for an interview.

Unfortunately, the average reader is not going to spend more than thirty seconds on your resume, so when you’re making it you have to begin knowing that you must be precise. A resume should not be shorter or longer than about a page. Sum up your core competencies in bullet statements if you want to get the best results.

5 Tips to Write a Winning Resume

1. So now you’re starting. Your beginning must be strong if you are to catch the attention of the reader. Your name should be in large letters at the top of the page, along with contact details;

2. When you’ve taken care of your name and contact details, the first thing you have to write is your objective. You must think about this well. Your future boss must be ‘hooked’ by this – it will tell him or her what you want to do in your professional life, what you want to achieve;

3. Write about your experience. What have you been doing in your professional life?

4. Remember to talk about your achievements. If you were working for a newspaper, how did you make it better? If you were working in Sales, how did you sell more newspapers that were being sold when you joined?

5. Be very careful to edit out grammatical mistakes and typos from your resume. The best of us make these mistakes, so make sure you read over your resume very carefully once you’ve written it. There is nothing as annoying to a prospective employer as a resume full of grammatical mistakes or typos: this will get your resume thrown into the waste paper bin without being read.

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