Geriatric Physical Therapist Resume Sample

Updated February 8, 2022
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A Geriatric Physical Therapist Resume is an essential document of your job application set.

You should send a resume and cover letter along with other documents to apply for a Geriatric Physical Therapist job.

How to Write a Great Resume for a Geriatric Physical Therapist Job?

In order to write a compelling resume, you should focus on the needs of the employer by reading the job description provided by them in detail.

If you have had too many jobs in the past, mention only the ones that relate to the position for which you are applying now.

Here is a sample to help you along:

Geriatric Physical Therapist Resume Example

Brian Fox
635 22nd Street NE, Watertown, SD57021
(000) 142-2145


• 11-plus-years of extensive experience in providing one on one treatment to assigned patients. Highly skilled in creating and implementing comprehensive care plans, following patients’ specific requirements.
• Demonstrated expertise in assessing patients’ functional levels by applying appropriate tests.
• Competent in the development and revision of care plans, specific to the individual needs of each patient.
• Qualified to perform and document initial exams and evaluate data to identify problems.
• Deep familiarity with assessing the effects of treatment at different stages and adjusting medications to achieve maximum benefit for the patient.

• Plan Designing
• Prognosis Recording
• Outcomes Assessment
• Patient Instruction
• Data Evaluation
• Interventions Management
• Goals Establishment
• Referrals Handling
• Patient Progress Monitoring
• Records Keeping
• Paperwork
• Emergency Response

• Saved an elderly patient from a potential heart attack by recognizing the signs during a physical therapy session and providing immediate CPR.
• Successfully rehabilitated 50 elderly patients by ensuring that they received well-developed and structured treatment.
• Implemented a prognosis recording system, which proved to be 75% more efficient than the one already being used.
• Introduced a patient education program, resulting in increased awareness on the part of patients and their families.


Geriatric Physical Therapist
Therapy Works, Watertown, SD 
6/2014 – Present

• Engage patients in conversation to determine their specific limitations and histories.
• Go through patients’ records and accounts to decipher past treatments and implement plans.
• Assess patients by checking their symptoms and asking them to go through tests.
• Record all acquired information in the facility’s database, ensuring both accuracy and confidentiality.
• Create and implement core treatment plans to meet the individual needs of each assigned patient.
• Assist patients in the use and comprehension of therapy instruments and equipment.
• Provide support in using sophisticated machines, encouraging patients throughout the procedure.
• Record prognosis, and treatment, and tweak existing plans to meet the changing needs of each patient.

Physical Therapy Assistant
Sante Physical Therapy, Watertown, SD
2/2007 – 5/2014

• Assisted physical therapists by setting up examination and therapy rooms.
• Provided patients with education on what to expect during therapy sessions.
• Prepared patients for sessions by handing them gowns and positioning them appropriately.
• Provided treatment to patients to relieve pain, and develop and restore functions.
• Assess, and monitor progress, and communicate any out-of-the-ordinary situations to the physical therapist.

Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Therapy
Water Town Physical Therapy School, Watertown, SD

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