Tire Technician Skills for Resume

Updated: August 30, 2017

You might find it difficult to believe (as most other will too) that the skills section in a Tire Technician resume is almost always held responsible for its success or failure. It is this section that hiring authorities depend highly on to make sound hiring decisions.

Note: make sure that your resume boasts of a skills section that is highly professionally written.

Working at any position in any industry requires a certain skills set. If you don’t possess at least 80% of the skills that a hiring manager has asked for, there is a huge chance that you will not be considered for the job that you have your heart set on. Be very sensible when writing a resume, by putting in a well-structured skills section that speaks to the hiring manager at his own defined level.

How is this possible?

This is possible through extensive research of the company. When you are applying for a job, make sure that you find out what an organization’s mission, core strengths and vision are. Once you have done this, you will have a pretty good idea about what needs to go into the skills section of your resume.

Let’s just agree on the fact that a well-written skills section means that you have won more than half the battle already. Here is a list of sample skills statements for a tire technician position, which you can use on your resume:


Sample Skills for Tire Technician Resume


• Highly skilled in preparing tires for installation, and mounting and unmounting them on rims

• Demonstrated ability to inspect and test tires to ensure conformance to specified safety standards

• Exceptionally well-versed in examining and probing damaged, defective and flat tires, aiming to determine extent of damage, and feasibility of repair

• Qualified to tubes and tubeless tires by puncturing blisters, applying patches, and removing nails

• Competent in changing tubes, installing boots, and replacing treads on tires, aiming to increase their lives

• Experienced in performing both preventative and regular maintenance on tires, ensuring that procedures such as wheel alignment and balancing, and tire rotation are timely managed

• Familiar with performing activities such as raising vehicles using hydraulic jacks, and operating cranes and hoists

• Proven ability to place wheels on balancing machines, aimed at determining counterweights required for wheel balancing work

• Adept at identifying tire sizes and an plies, and ensuring that the right amount of air pressure is filled into them

• Proficient in installing and reassembling tires onto wheels, and ensuring that they are safely secured in place