Automotive technicians are required to be well versed with automobiles maintenance and service tasks. They troubleshoot engines, repair electrical faults, change oil, handle brakes/alignments and manage other such necessary work that vehicles require.

Working as an automotive technician requires great level of skill and experience in order to be able to do the position true justice. When you are applying for a job at this position, you will need to mention these skills in your resume.

Automotive Technician Resume Tips

• Use bullet points starting with actions words to create more powerful sentences

• Stay away from “I”, “My”, “responsible for” and “duties included” before job description or skills statements

• Mention your present experiences in the present tense, and past experiences in the past tense

• Length of your resume should be one to two pages; if you are a new graduate, one page will work best. If you have more than 5 years of extensive experience, it is acceptable to use two pages

Following sample will assist you making your own Resume.

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Sample Resume for Automotive Technician Job


John Smith

Apt 11, Atlanta Street West, Edmonton, AB S9R 6E9
(000) 632-2015 | john @ email . com

Automotive Technician

SUMMARY: Over 11 years of experience in repair, maintenance and troubleshooting a wide range of automobiles. Proficient in diagnosing and repairing vehicles to manufacturer’s specifications. Effectively explains technical diagnosis and needed repairs to non-mechanical individuals. Track record of performing quality repair work in accordance to factory standards. A sharp individual who efficiently performs system diagnostics and fully computerized troubleshooting.

• Complied an e-book of technical information that takes information from a verified online source to update its data
• Performed training sessions for new hires by focusing on diagnosis and troubleshooting

RELEVANT EXPERIENCE (Automotive Technician Job Description)

Fountain Tire – Steinbach, MB
Automotive Techncian | 2008 – Present

• Diagnose, repair and complete accepted service on customer vehicles
• Advise clients on work performed, overalll vehicle condition, and prospect repair requirements
• Maintain mechanical service tools on a scheduled basis
• Operate customer vehicles in a clean and secure manner
• Support customer relations by quickly responding to customer inquiries

Cole Technicals – Springdale, MB
Auto Technician | 2005 – 2008

• Diagnosed vehicle malfunction and recommended appropriate repair activities
• Completed system diagnosis
• Road-tested vehicles to ensure quality or repair and maintenance
• Hire and train new personnel to work as technicians and mechanics
• Explained technical diagnosis to clients
• Maintained communication with management to ensure awareness of mechanical repair problems

ABC Company – Springdale, MB
Automotive Service Apprenticeship | 2003 – 2005

• Learned trade while assisting lead auto technicians in all kinds of tasks


Interprovincial Red Seal Certification

Diploma: Community School– Springdale, MB

• Current driver’s license
• Basic computer skills
• Strong physical demeanor: able to consistently lift up to 50 lbs