Sample Skills for Paraprofessional Resume

Updated on: November 30, 2015

An effective skills section boost the effectiveness of your paraprofessional resume by emphasizing your competencies in an appealing and employer centered fashion. Here are a few tips that can help you make an effective skills section of your resume.

Use keywords: Most computerized resume shortlisting programs work on keywords. It is important to use the keywords of job advertisement since the employer is more likely to feed the same keywords in the resume shortlisting software.

Avoid repetition: Keep the information – you add to your skills section – exclusive and section specific. Repeating information already provided in the summary or another section lessens the importance of your skills section, so avoid repetition of any content throughout your resume, especially in the skills section.

Prioritize your listed skills: Use short bullet points to showcase each skill you offer and arrange these bullets in order of the importance of each offered skill. The ones specifically demanded by the employer must appear at the top, followed by less relevant ones.

Take a look at a sample bullet skills list for paraprofessional resume.

Sample Skills for Paraprofessional Resume

• Track record of providing instructional support within special and general education classrooms as required to meet the students’ needs
• Skilled in student evaluation and need assessment
• Substantial knowledge of and ability to cater for students’ age related developmental cognitive, social and psychological needs
• Proficient in facilitating the teacher in conducting classroom related activities
• Expert in developing and maintaining cooperative working relationships with students and colleague teachers
• Effective in devising interactive supportive learning activities to reinforce the lesson being taught
• Well versed in filing in for the lead teacher in case of leave or absence and implementing the devised lesson plan effectively
• Particularly effective in supervising the children during lunch and playtime, ensuring ample and healthy social interaction among peers
• Competent at lesson planning, classroom control, assignment marking, lesson reinforcement and activity facilitation
• Profound ability to develop need based individualized educational plans and implement the same in light of pre-determined long term learning objectives for each pupil individually
• Proven skills in record keeping, developing individual student progress charts and portfolios along with demonstrated ability to maintain open communication channels with the students’ parents and teachers to discuss progress
• Track record of providing excellent teacher support in all classroom and lesson planning related activities
• Committed to delivery of highest standards of classroom support, maintenance of an interactive atmosphere and provision of specially designed AV aids for special needs students