Integration Aide Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

Updated on: August 13, 2020

Job Description

Integration aides assist lead teachers in handling a series of tasks in an educational environment. Most of them work with students with special needs.

Their job involves supporting teachers in handling students with disabilities or traumatic backgrounds in order to assist them in integrating back into society.

The work of an integration aide is far from simple. They are involved in everything from curriculum development to imparting lessons and thus play an important role in students’ lives both academically and socially.

Many integration aides work closely with students in order to help them with emotional traumas.

To work as an integration aide, one needs to hold a relevant Certification. Some teaching assistance experience will be a definite plus.

Essentially they need to create and maintain rapport with students and ensure the quality of communication with all members of an institute.

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Integration Aide Duties and Responsibilities

• Develop and implement individualized learning plans in accordance with the institute’s policies

• Assist lead teachers in developing core lesson plans to meet the individual needs of students

• Ensure that developed curriculum is parallel to the requirements of the student base

• Assist teachers in imparting lesson plans in accordance with each student’s individual needs

• Ensure that the staff attitudes towards disability are improved constantly

• Create and implement specific plans following the impact of disabilities on learning and development

• Ensure that effective learning policies are developed and implemented

• Interact with students based on directives laid out by behavior management strategies

• Create and maintain liaison between teachers, parents, and students to ensure the effectiveness of plans

• Take progress notes during class instruction time in order to handle assessments

• Assess each student in accordance with his or her own physical and mental capabilities

• Assist students in developing social skills in a group environment or individually

• Prepare special materials for students in order to aid the learning process

• Provide support to teachers in helping students read and write effectively

• Maintain student records and ensure that they are updated frequently

• Check and mark students’ work to encourage them

• Focus on improving students’ language and communication skills

• Create close ties with parents in order to provide them with constant progress information

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