Here is the best answer for this difficult question during interview of teaching position.

Q. Why Am I Suitable for the Job of a Teacher?

A. As a self motivated individual with excellent teaching, organization and planning skills, I can become a favorite teacher of my students and a good co-worker.

Teaching is not only about imparting knowledge; teachers play a very important role in a student’s life which is why they are considered to be the next kin after parents.

All students have had many teachers in their lives but they remember only a few of them. This is because those few teachers have something special in them.

Apart from knowledge of my subject, I have complete understanding of managing students by interacting with them positively. While I understand the need for keeping a professional distance, I ensure that I am on a personal level with all my students. This makes them feel special and they come to me when they have problems, not only regarding education but personal as well.

Being involved with students on a personal level is extremely important as a teacher not only helps students get good grades but shapes lives.

I am confident that my expert listening skills and the ability to impart knowledge in a professional yet fun way is what makes me suitable for the job of a teacher. Excellence in education comes about with excellence in attitude and that is the motto I work on.