Top 10 Teacher Cover Letter Writing Tips for Your Success

Updated on: August 6, 2020
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You might think that writing a teacher cover letter is no big deal since all one has to do is put pen to paper. The problem with the approach is that one cannot possibly highlight one’s best side this way.

That is especially true if you are in the process of writing a cover letter for a teaching position. 

It must be remembered that teaching is not an easy job – many people tend to think that teaching is a piece of cake, but in actuality, it is a job with a lot of responsibility.

How does one make sure that the cover letter which one is writing to obtain a teaching position is spot on?

Take a look at 10 things that you may need to look out for when writing a teacher cover letter.

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Top 10 Teacher Cover Letter Writing Tips

1. Research

By far, researching the position is the most essential thing that you can do to make sure that your cover letter is the best that an employer has seen.

Go through the job description of the kind of position that you are applying for (whether a regular teaching position, or one where you have to work with special needs children), and then chart out your ideas.

2. Do Not Rewrite Your Resume

Many of us believe that it is okay to repeat what we have written in our resume – in prose form. Not done.

When applying for any position, you should be able to highlight the juicy parts from your resume – talk about your skills as a teacher, and how you can use them to help students learn difficult concepts.

3. Opening Lines

There is no doubt about the fact that the better your opening is, the more inclined a hiring manager will be to read your cover letter further. Do not generalize.

4. Mention Your Qualifications and Accomplishments

When writing a cover letter for a teaching position, always talk about how accomplished you are, and what skills you have that will make future accomplishments in an academic capacity possible.

5. Reflect Your Personality 

As a teacher, your influence on students can either be good or bad. To make sure that it is not the latter, make sure that your cover letter reflects your positive attributes.

6. Relevance

Now, this is the most important part of writing a cover letter. If you have previously worked in a retail capacity, but you want to teach now, there is no point in talking about your retail experience. Stay relevant, and you are good to go!

7. White Space

As a teacher, it is vital that you show the world how structured your own life is before you make claims about structuring others’.

Make sure that your cover letter has enough white space for the hiring manager to navigate it properly.

8. Contact Information

While your resume will have all the information that a hiring manager needs to contact you, it is best to provide your number at the closing, so that you can be contacted immediately, even if your resume is left unread.

9. Strong Statements

As a teacher, it will be expected of you to be solid in how you present yourself.

Opt to write statements that show you as a strong individual, who has the capacity to influence students in a positive manner.

10. Get Formalities Right

Make sure that the person’s name to whom you are addressing the cover letter is written at the top, including his or her designation.

Sign off in a proper manner.

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