Middle School Math Teacher Resume Objectives

Updated on: December 4, 2015

Overview and Guidelines

If written correctly, a resume objective is a smart way to capture the attention of the hiring manager. In fact, a middle school teacher career objective is a blurb which communicate your worth. In order to make your resume shine, it is important that your objective statement explain clearly how your candidacy can help the prospective institute achieve its goals.

Targeting your resume objective to the exact employer is an art that is not mastered easily. Put yourself in the prospective employers’ shoes, find out the exact skills they are seeking and draft an appealing, relevant and attention grabbing resume objective statement that truly reflects the specific competencies.

Below are a few basic purposes every resume objective must fulfill:

• Introduce your candidacy and mention your key professional strengths.

• Specifically reference the title of position being sought along with the name of the institute you are applying at.

• Relate your profile with the position, clearly communicating how your expertise can prove to be beneficial for the hiring institute.

Sample Objectives for Middle School Math Teacher Resume

• Resourceful math teacher eager to attain a position with the Alpha Middle School. Bringing expertise in lesson panning, curriculum development and classroom management. Strong facilitator who is competent at devising and implementing special instructional strategies to meet individual needs of students.

• Experienced Middle School Math Teacher willing to put skills in mathematical instruction, practice drills and concepts reinforcement to productive use at the Tulips High School.

• Looking for a Middle School Math Teacher position with High Oaks School. Offering exceptional command over all topics of mathematics including numeracy, algebra, geometry and trigonometry.

• Competent and qualified Middle School Math Teacher seeking a similar role with Little Angels High School. Bringing 6+ years’ track record of devising and implementing innovative learning strategies to help students in attaining the long and short term goals determined in the curricula.

• Conscientious and innovative teaching professional desire a Math Teacher position with Orange County Middle School. Profound ability to develop teaching materials and stratagems for reinforcing various mathematical concepts. Special focus on numeric functions practice drills and mind stimulating exercises.

• Resourceful and self-directed educational professional seeking a full time position as Middle School Math Teacher with the ACE Academy. Offering proven skills in lesson planning, implementation and learning facilitation. Special talent for adapting the curriculum and teaching methodology to cater for students’ individual needs.

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