Middle School Math Teacher Resume Example

Updated on: December 4, 2015


Resume writing is a perpetual ‘work in progress’, therefore, there is no such thing like a ‘final resume’. With the changing trends in the job market, middle school math teachers need to update their resume time and again so they are ready to apply straightaway when the right opportunity comes their way.

On average, a hiring committee spends less than 30 seconds in skimming through a resume for middle school math teacher position. Therefore, do not try to include every little thing you have done in the past. Modern resumes are targeted documents that are highly optimized and present only the candidates’ relevant qualifications, experiences and skills, in an employer centered manner.


Middle School Math Teacher Resume Sample


Gabriel Edison

211 Kentucky Square • Durham, NC 56773 • (005) 333 – 2222 • gabriel . edison @ email . com


SUMMARY: Energetic, resourceful math teacher with 7+ years’ track record of devising and implementing need-based lesson plans to address specific needs of each child and ensuring maximum student engagement. Full command over various concepts of mathematics including numeracy, trigonometry, algebra and geometry. Proven skills in classroom technology integration, student mentoring and remedial coaching.


• Lesson Planning • Assignment Marking • Standardized Test Preparation
• AV Aids Development • Progress Charting • Curriculum Development
• Instructional Strategies • IEP Implementation • Parental Communication
• One-on-one Coaching • Lesson Implementation • Classroom Management


NORTH CAROLINA PUBLIC SCHOOL, Durham, NC | Jun 2012 – Present
Middle School Math Teacher

• Plan, develop and execute lessons that are reflective of the curriculum
• Gauge and evaluate student progress and keep track of the same
• Communicate and discuss students’ progress with parents regularly on PTMs
• Assess specific learning needs of the students and develop individualized instructional strategies to cater for the same
• Regularly give home assignments, mark the same and give feedback to the students
• Develop and revise grade specific curricula, incorporating modern topics and contemporary teaching methodologies

Key Accomplishments and Results
• Enhanced overall student performance by 40% through initiation of remedial classes
• Prepared the students for the National standardized examination in 2014 and secured the first and third position for the school

LIGHTHOUSE LEARNING ACADEMY, Durham, NC | May 2008 – Jun 2012
Teacher’s Aide

• Maintained an interactive classroom environment and regularly updated bulletin boards with relevant material
• Devised supportive learning AV aids
• Provided one on one tutoring to students with special needs
• Communicated home assignments and marked the same
• Supervised students as they practiced math drill exercises
• Reinforced the concepts of the week and conducted remedial coaching classes in allotted time

MSc Mathematics

• Computer: MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Visio
• Bilingual: English/Spanish

• National Mathematics Society NMS, Durham, NC
• International Kangaroo Numeracy Society, IKNC, Durham, NC