History Teacher Cover Letter Example

Updated on September 9, 2018

History Teacher Job Overview

History teachers are required to teach historical events and their impact on modern civilizations. They work in elementary and high school settings and are expected to possess a degree in history or social sciences to be able to teach effectively.

History teachers need to develop curriculum and lesson plans and implement them in a classroom environment conducive to learning. They will also make sure that they work extra hard with students who may not fully understand the concepts and ensure classroom behavior in a functional manner.


History Teacher Cover Letter Sample


Salvatore Cullins
35 Riverview Lane
Tomahawk, WI 37363
Cellular: (999) 932-9992

September 9, 2018

Mr. Gary Collins
Riverton High School
380 Marsh Avenue
Tomahawk, WI 33332


Dear Mr. Collins:

One of my history students once asked me, “Why would I learn about the historical period?” Now, she is now a grade A student in History studying at Wisconsin State University! This became possible due to the impact of a subject when projected positively.

I have been teaching history for the last decade and am proud to say that I have had a long string of successful student pass through me. I now want to work on a broader level by offering my teaching services at Riverton High School to deliver my knowledge to huge class!

With a keen knowledge of ancient history and post-war civilizations, I can manage classroom instruction in a fun manner. On many occasions, I have infused drama in my history class for the students to be able to memorize important dates in a non-conventional way to ensure retention. This is why my students love the subject! Apart from regular historical information, I possess the capability of fostering an understanding of human behavior throughout the ages and also information on world problems and various approaches to solutions.

Coupled with knowledge of modern teaching methods and educational pedagogy, I am a complete teacher! I would like to meet with you to discuss my teaching and class management skills.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Salvatore Cullins

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