Autism Teacher Cover Letter Sample

According to many career counselors, cover letters have increasingly become the most important part of a job application these days.Therefore, Your cover letter for an autism teacher must serve as a comprehensive and appealing introduction of your profile, covering your qualifications thoroughly without repeating your resume. Below are a couple of useful tips in this regard:

Focus on your professional accomplishments: Cover letter is the right place to showcase your professional accomplishments since these will truly reflect your potential and show what exactly you are capable of doing.

Write only relevant experiences: People have many work experiences in different fields. The prospective employers are definitely not interested in them all. Focus on only the relevant work experiences, leaving out the irrelevant ones.


Autism Teacher Cover Letter Sample


Jane Parker

322 Yale Ave • Orange, CA 45776 • (008) 666 – 7777 • jane @ email . com

July 12, 2015

Mr. Nelson Carter
HR Manager
Havana Educators
47 Fiery Lane
Orange, CA 45776


Dear Mr. Carter:

As an enthusiastic special education professional with 5+ years of experience in teaching Autistic children along with a diploma in behavioral therapy, I am applying to autism teacher position currently available at Havana Educators.

My following qualifications closely complement your job description:

● Excellent assessment, diagnosis and need evaluation skills
● Expert in developing and implementing individualized educational plans based on each student’s special needs
● Knowledge of analytical, behavioral and cognitive therapeutic intervention protocols in autism spectrum disorders
● Efficient in setting and achieving practical short term and long term academic goals
● Track record of developing and maintaining a functional relationship with students in addition to remaining in constant contact with their parents

Furthermore, I bring diverse experience in successful implementation of cognitive-behavioral, humanistic and combination therapeutic approaches for treatment of autism. My deep rooted knowledge of and extensive research in the field of education with special focus on autistic children gives more weight to my candidacy.

If you require a specialized and highly motivated autism teacher for your institution contact me now at (008) 666 – 7777 to communicate a suitable date and time for interview, I am available when you are. Please feel free to contact me in case you have any queries regarding my background and qualifications.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Jane Parker

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