The job scenario in the present time is worst than ever because global economic recession is still in effect. Only fittest will survive in this cutthroat competition. This rule also applies on teaching profession where there are more than 50 highly qualified teachers available for one vacant post.

A cover letter for a teacher job application is the primary thing which will decide your eligibility. Following are 8 Tips for Writing the Best Cover Letter for Teacher resume. Adhere to these tips while writing your cover letter. Also you may check different cover letter samples for teachers on this website.


8 Effective Tips to Write the Best Cover Letter for Teacher

• Keep a record of all communication and previously written cover letters

• The cover letter for teacher position should be addressed to a specific person. If that individual is not clear from the job advertisement, call the school’s office to find the hiring person’s name and title

• Use plain, straight language and accurate grammar

• Use simple bond paper in white, off-white, light gray or light beige. Make use of the similar paper for your cover letters and resumes, and you can use identical envelopes as well

• Intend a “picture frame effect” through your margins. Business letters are creased in thirds and mailed in stretched envelopes, approx 9 1/2 inches long

• Have a friend or family member cautiously proofread your letters for mistakes

• Ensure to sign your letters, and ensure your address is clearly visible

• Always ask for an interview in a polite manner, and take in your phone number and email address in your closing paragraph