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Nursing Assistant Resignation Letter Sample

Nursing assistants work at hospitals and clinics where their primary job is to assist patients with activities of daily living along with managing their medication and vitals. Like cover letters and resumes, resignation letters are also critical as they are your last link to an employer from whom you need your parting documents. The following… Read More »

Certified Nursing Assistant Resignation Letter Sample

A certified nursing assistant who is thinking to switch job or quit work will need to provide their managers with a formal resignation letter. Although not necessary, we recommend that you provide adequate notice and mention the resignation reason in the letter. In fact, a CNA resignation letter is a professional etiquette that shows your professionalism.… Read More »

Certified Nursing Assistant Job Description, Duties & Responsibilities

Position Overview Certified nursing assistants or CNAs assist patients in the activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, and grooming, ambulation, and linen changing.  Typically, they work in hospitals, private homes, assisted living facilities, and mental health facilities.  Additional responsibilities of a certified nursing assistant include providing registered nurses with support in taking vitals… Read More »

Nursing Aide Resignation Letter Sample and Writing Guide

How to Write a Professional Resignation Letter for Nursing Aide Position? A nursing aide’s resignation letter should always be typed, printed out, and signed. Give your resignation by hand. Keep a copy for yourself for future references. Provide the employer with at least one to two weeks’ notice from when you deliver your resignation to… Read More »

CNA Reference and Recommendation Letter: 2 Samples

Many employers or nursing schools ask CNAs or Nursing Assistants to provide a letter of recommendation from their previous employer. Writing a letter of recommendation for a Certified Nursing Assistant seems a tedious task, but, being a supervisor you have to write it. Keep in mind that this letter is critical for the career development… Read More »