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What is a Skills-Based or Functional Resume?

So you need to build a resume and are getting confused about which type to select. It is true that there are so many formats prevalent in the job market that one becomes quite confused while settling for any format. Skills-based resumes are very popular these days. Before opting for one, it is essential to understand its… Read More »

Top 10 Resume Objectives for 2021

“I’m looking for a fixer-upper with a rock-hard foundation. Am eager to break up walls, construct bridges, and light fires. I have enormous experience, piles of energy, a bit of that “vision thing” and I’m not fearful to start from the very beginning.” This is an extract from the resume of Steve Job (co-founder, chairman,… Read More »

Top 10 Resume Writing Trends for 2021

Introduction Using predefined resume templates may be an easy way of writing your resume, but they seldom impress employers nowadays. In the year 2021, employers prefer that a candidate craft his or her resume using a simple format that is logically created and easy to read. Just like all other trends, resume trends also keep… Read More »

Top 13 Resume Writing Tips for 2021

Writing a good resume in the year 2021 is daunting, especially when you haven’t written one before. While different employers look for different attributes in a resume, But there are some common do’s and don’ts that a candidate should keep in mind while writing a resume. Resumes in 2021 are somewhat different than how they… Read More »