15 Support Worker Key Achievements for Resume

Updated: January 25, 2023

A support worker is mainly responsible for assisting individuals in their day-to-day tasks. People who need the services of support workers may include disabled, handicapped, elderly, or mentally unstable persons.

Adding some quantified achievements to your support worker resume is an excellent idea to make your resume impressive. Such achievements instantly showcase your potential as a support worker.

It is a versatile job therefore achievements of a support worker may vary according to the nature of the job.

The following are some examples of support workers’ key achievements for resumes.

15 Key Achievements for Support Worker Resume

1. Increased the clientele by 50% through positive ratings and satisfied customers’ feedback.
2. Expertly handled the workload of 5 clients per week while maintaining a 5-star feedback rating and building rapport with each of them.
3. Motivated and helped a disabled patient with physiotherapy and enabled him to walk with a stick in a short span of 3 months.
4. Designed and ordered a unique miniature stair lift to suit the needs of an elderly lady residing alone so she could use the stairs independently in a safe manner.
5. Designed a basic assessment record that reduced patient handling time by 10 minutes per patient.
6. Initiated and led 3 successful and profitable group activities consisting of life skills, sensory stimulation, and outdoor recreation.
7. Reduced support initiation wait time by 2 days on average by surveying 100+ patient plans and developing a set of 15 basic designs with the provision of individual needs customization.
8. Conducted awareness campaigns regarding drug abuse and its consequences among high-risk populations and engaged young volunteers to create a positive and safe environment.
9. Reduced policy breaches by 30% by developing a checklist consisting of HIPPA-issued prerequisites for various kinds of support services and implementing the same in the Well Being clinic.
10. Sold monthly and yearly support packages worth $40000 in 2 months through social media platforms by promoting satisfied customer reviews and optimizing the content on the clinic’s web page.
11. Achieved 80 pounds weight reduction target in an obese and immobile client by implementing the given diet chart and helping with daily exercise protocols prescribed by the physiotherapist.
12. Successfully trained 12 new employees in CPR and basic first aid protocols.
13. Saved a stroke patient’s life by providing CPR and first aid services and transporting them to the hospital timely.
14. Significantly reduced the recreational costs by providing group-based services that not only engaged 5-6 persons at a time but also enhanced the residents’ social skills.
15. Doubled the web traffic of the company’s website by uploading and promoting the success stories of clients.

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