Janitorial Supervisor Job Description for Resume

Updated April 25, 2017

A janitorial supervisor holds the role of an overseer – he or she is employed by organizations to make sure that the work of the janitorial staff is properly carried out. One organization may hire more than one janitorial supervisor, depending on the size of the company and the number of staff members that need supervision. In small concerns, one janitorial supervisor handles all janitorial staff members.

The main work of a janitorial supervisor is to make sure that staff members work according to schedule, and that any problems that may arise, are handled effectively. Working as a janitorial supervisor requires much in terms of organizational skills, leadership qualities and effective communication skills. Usually, a high school diploma or a GED is sufficient to work as a janitorial supervisor. But one has to possess some experience in a similar capacity to be able to qualify for this position. If you are great at handling people, know the work inside out and can effectively train people to perform janitorial work efficiently, you are a great contender for this work.

Before you begin writing your resume for a janitorial supervisor position, make sure that you completely understand what the work entails. Here is a list of duties that a person working at this position is expected to perform:

Janitorial Supervisor Job Description for Resume

• Create and implement schedules for each team member of the janitorial staff and ensure that they follow them properly

• Assign duties in areas that individual staff members are most proficient in, and ensure that any problems along the way are effectively handled

• Ascertain that adequate supplies and equipment are made available to each staff member

• Coordinate cleaning tasks in a manner that they meet the standards and protocols established by the organization

• Assist in monitoring supplies and ensure appropriate and efficient use of equipment and cleaning supplies

• Create and maintain inventory of supplies and equipment and contact vendors or suppliers for replenishment of both

• Oversee the work of each employee to ensure that he or she is working according to the set regulations

• Interview, hire, train and develop new employees and ensure that their dynamic training and development needs are constantly met

• Provide team members with information and instructions on performing their work according to safety protocols

• Observe and record employee hours and communicate them to the human resource department in an efficient and accurate manner

• Approve vacation time, overtime and time cards, and ensure that appropriate reports are created and submitted to the human resource department