Hairdresser Duties and Responsibilities

The new trends in hairdressing leave many olds school people baffled and sometimes extremely shocked! The colors that adorn our hair could put a peacock to shame! But that is the way of the world and it does rub off on even the most prudish of us. Can you imagine how much in demand hairdressers are nowadays? Very high indeed!

The job of the hairdresser has changed over the decades –where he / she was once only responsible for giving nice looking haircuts or simply trimming hair, they now perform a dozen other duties. Well, to be honest, hairdressers have so much to do with just hair nowadays that other duties come secondary.

Hairdresser Job Description

Hairdressers initially confer with their clients to determine what their hairdressing needs are. They provide information to them regarding what will look good on them. Initially, hairdressers work as consultants and then as service providers. Most hairdressers are trained from vocational schools and learn on the job as well. Each salon has its signature styles and it is up to the management to teach each hairdresser how to handle those styles. These signature styles are the reason clients choose one salon over another.

But hairdressing is not the only job of a hairdresser, despite the title suggesting otherwise. Here is a list of duties that a hairdresser performs on a typical day. Use these statements to build an awesome resume for hairdresser position.

Hairdresser Duties and Responsibilities

• Confer with clients to understand their hairdressing and beauty needs
• Suggest which hair style, color and treatment will suit clients’ needs and hair type
• Provide clients with information on what to expect during the styling process
• Inquire if clients have any allergies to specific products such as ammonia or hair color
• Assist clients in washing their hair in preparation for haircuts, blow-dries and hair treatments
• Cut and / or trim hair according to clients’ instructions and ask for their feedback
• Color and treat hair according to specific instructions provided by clients
• Blow dry clients hair and set them according to the specific styles chosen
• Provide hair treatments such as oiling and steaming
• Advise clients on available skin treatments such as facials, cleansing and polishing
• Coordinate the provision of skin treatments or perform them according to clients’ skin types
• Give manicures and pedicures, massages and herbal hand and feet treatments
• Provide clients with information on prices and timeframes of each treatment and any package deals that they can benefit from
• Take cash and process credit card payments in exchange of services rendered
• Promote retail products displayed at the salon

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