Student Intern Resume Objectives Examples

August 21, 2019

As a student, you will have many options to intern during and after your degree. Picking the right one is important.

In order to apply for a student intern position, you will need to write a resume that beats all other resumes.


Since the beginning of a resume is the objective, this is where your first concentration should be.

For example, if you are applying for an internship position in the marketing arena, it is best if you specifically write about your knowledge of marketing, and your skills in it, when writing a resume objective.

As a sales intern, you will need to highlight what you know about meeting sales targets. And so on.

Whichever internship position you are applying for, make sure that you highlight your knowledge of the work, even if it is just book knowledge that you are referring to.


In fact, it is imperative to emphasize all that you know about the work, and your corresponding abilities – in not more than 3 lines.

A few resume objectives for a student intern position are provided here as examples:

Student Intern Resume Objectives

• Top-performing Business Student with exceptional marketing and sales skills, presently looking for an Intern position at Macy’s. Exceptionally talented in reaching out to customers in order to determine their specific product needs, and providing them with information on available products and services.

• Uniquely qualified Finance Student with extensive interest in working in an Academic Intern position at Crossover University. Offering excellent skills in providing research and development assistance for provided topics. Able to ensure appropriate deliverables, in a time-efficient manner.

• IT Student, looking for an internship at Technology Inc. Ability to handle technical work such as installing and maintaining systems. Proficient in ensuring the consistent running of networks, and troubleshooting issues as and when they arise.

• Desire a position as a Computer Intern at Jake’s Technologies. Adept at installing software and hardware, and performing networking tasks. Effectively able to troubleshoot issues concerning network and computer security. Well-versed in creating and implementing safety measures in order to ensure data integrity and confidentiality.

• To work as a Sales Intern at Harrold’s. Eager to apply exceptional skills in welcoming customers and providing them with information on offered product deals and sales. Talented in handling stocking and inventory work, as well as performing visual merchandising efforts.

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