Employment Specialist Job Description for Resume

Updated July 14, 2017

Position Overview

An employment specialist is simply an individual who is an expert in matching people to the type of jobs that they are more suitable for – and vice versa.

Typically, an employment specialist works within the human resource department of a company, although some may be hired in a separate capacity as well. Working as an employment specialist means that you have to be exceptionally good at determining the right type of applicants for open positions within the company.

Education & Skills

Usually, a degree in business (with a human resource major) is sufficient to work as an employment specialist. But the work of an employment specialist is not easy, which is why many people reach this stage after a lot of experience in human resources and recruitment.

Familiarity with the company as a whole, knowledge of how different departments work, and insight into how the company’s hiring and retention processes work are all exceptionally important when working at this position.

Employment specialists are expected to make sure that the people whom they have hired for any position within the company are the right kind of people – they perform background checks and drug testing, and other pre-employment activities such as written exams and oral assessments.

If your expertise is in this area, you should go through the list of job duties outlined here for the position an employment specialist:


Sample Job Description for Employment Specialist Resume


• Oversee the application tracking system to determine which job applications are spot on with the company’s requirements

• Shortlist applicants according to specified regulations and contact them to provide them with information on their status

• Create interview schedules and inform applicants of the days and times when they have to appear for them

• Call on references and coordinate correspondence with applicants to ensure that they are made aware of their current statuses

• Assist interviewers in screening and hiring the right candidates, and provide insight into training and development activities

• Develop and implement training programs for individuals part of the hiring committee to ensure that they keep atop things

• Maintain and update the careers section of the company website, and ensure that internal staff members are made aware of open positions

• Work with the management to update job descriptions, so that they are accurate and can be tied to performance management

• Assist with onboarding activities, ensuring that new employees are oriented, and make sure that all new employees’ records are properly maintained

• Ascertain that hiring paperwork and compliance is in check , acknowledging that all aspects are taken into account