Employment Specialist Cover Letter Example

Updated on: February 25, 2018

An employment specialist cover letter can reach depths that you cannot just because you do not have access to a hiring manager, before the interview stage.

And to reach the interview stage, you have to possess great insight into how to communicate your skills to a hiring manager.

When you sit down to contemplate what needs to go into your cover letter, assess your individual situation. Since you cannot just write anything that another candidate for the same job has written, it is important to gauge what your abilities are before you put them down.

Writing a cover letter is no problem if you have the dynamics sorted out. There is one thing that you need to look out for when writing a cover letter – make it unique. By all means, take ideas from samples and such, but do not copy verbatim.

Here is a sample to assist you:


Employment Specialist Cover Letter Sample



February 25, 2018

Ms. Jennifer Young
Human Resource Manager
East Bay Innovations
9001 Douglas Avenue
Wing, AL 64585


Dear Ms. Young:

My experience in human resources is not just vast – it is profoundly extensive. Having worked with the top employment agencies of the state over the last ten years, you can safely bet that I am the person to hire as an Employment Specialist at East Bay Innovations.

With demonstrated expertise in providing assessments to employment program participants to assist them in identifying career paths, I will surely be a direct advantage to your organization. As someone who is highly aware of supporting access to and retention in job training, I am positive that your organization will flourish with my contribution to it.

My main strengths lie in tracking participants’ employment progress, developing and maintaining positive relationships with local workforces aimed at finding and stabilizing gainful employment, and assisting with the interview and hiring processes.

Managing the ATS (application tracking system) from creation to completion is my niche – in fact, I was responsible for introducing the concept to my present place of employment, resulting in increased accuracy of job application matching.

Anticipating that my services will be of great use to East Bay Innovations, I would like to meet with you in person to provide you with more details of my candidature. I will contact you next week so that a mutually convenient time to arrange an interview.

Thank you for your time and consideration.




Harry Henderson

(000) 487-5245