The hospitality industry is one that never ceased even when all world’s markets were in recession. Needless to say, jobs in hotels and restaurants are countless – but the contenders even more so. While some people tend to think that working as a restaurant server is an easy job, but it requires a lot of tasks expected from an individual. Standing for extended periods of time and ensuring that all guests stay contented is not just anyone’s ball game.

Having discussed the fact that saturation may never get its hands on the hospitality industry, and establishing the fact that there are twice as many candidates as there are jobs, people applying for this job need to be very careful when writing a server resume.

Let us discuss the opening and most important part of your resume i.e. the career objective statement. Since the employer gauges a candidate’s higher aspirations largely through the objective, it is very important to write the perfect one.

Here is one objective you should never write:

“Looking for a position as a restaurant server where I can grow and prosper”

This is a selfish objective. It is a given that every job helps you grow in some way; you don’t have to make it obvious and sound self-centered.

Instead, write something about your capabilities which will be utilized to achieve the goals of employer. See the examples below:

Sample Objectives for Restaurant Server Resume

• Energetic, customer-focused restaurant server seeking a position with Holdaf Inn. Bringing hands-on experience in preparing dining area, presenting menu, serving orders while adhering to sanitation and safety protocols.

• To obtain a position as a server with the Marriott New York utilizing exceptional hospitality and customer service skills to provide quick and courteous service to the guests.

• Looking for a Restaurant Server position at ABC Resort where extensive experience in hospitality can be put to use to develop guest relations and loyalty.

• Seeking a position as a Restaurant Server where strong skills and expertise in the food serving industry can be employed to provide excellent guest services.

These objectives will show the employer that a candidate is company oriented and able to work towards achieving his/her goals. Writing the perfect and targeted resume objective can be a bit tricky but if the candidate is aware of his or her own job relevant skills, it should not be too much of a problem.