Restaurant Busser Skills and Abilities for Resume

November 2, 2019

Undermining the power of writing your skills in a resume is nothing less than telling a prospective employer, “I don’t have any skills.”

Employers typically believe in the cliché if you have it, flaunt it when it comes to your skills. After all, what is an employer going to do with an individual who is not skilled in his work?


Nothing! That is exactly what he is going to do – nothing. And move on to the next resume.

Skills are required in any job you can think of.

If, for instance, you are applying for a position as a restaurant busser, how can you possibly achieve success if you are not skilled? You cannot.

It is as simple as that. A busser will need to know the intricacies that go into running a restaurant business, even if he has nothing to do with most of what is going on in a restaurant.


Also, he will need to know how to handle table setups, refill beverages and manage buffet tables.

Since the basic work of a restaurant busser is to assist servers before, during and after each customer’s dining experience, he is usually on the go during the entire shift.

Now that we are on the same page about the importance of skills in the job application process let us take a look at some examples of skills and abilities that a restaurant busser should possess. You may use these phrases to build a resume for restaurant busser position.

Restaurant Busser Skills and Abilities

• Comprehensive knowledge of the hospitality industry in terms of foodservice and customer relations.

• Adept at handling setups and tear-downs of buffet tables and regular customer tables.

• Well-versed in filling and refilling customers’ beverages on time and in a customer-oriented fashion.

• Able to handle a high volume of customers by evoking exceptional multitasking skills.

• Special talent for restocking service stations with condiments and supplies.

• Able to stand aware of things happening in dining rooms, with a view to providing fast and efficient service.

• Functional knowledge of safety and hygiene policies governing the food and beverage industry.

• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills aimed at providing restaurant patrons with service exceeding expectations.

• Strong hospitality acumen targeted at engaging patrons in conversation to provide them with positive welcome.

• Goal-oriented approach with a great ability to multitask in a high-volume hospitality environment.

• Track record of efficiently performing setting up duties to minimize seating delays.

• Able to work in a team environment and on own initiative, with the view to provide customers with exceptionally organized services.

• Customer-first attitude; focused on anticipating customers’ needs and going the extra mile to make them feel welcomed and valued.

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