Restaurant Busser Job Description for Resume

Updated August 12, 2021
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General Job Description

People working behind the scenes in restaurants hold a lot of importance, even though they are not usually noticed by customers.

Restaurant bussers are hired especially to handle table setting duties and assisting with serving food items. 

Not all restaurants employ the services of bussers but those who do, end up making their food service processes smooth.

At times, bussers are also required to fill in for servers and waiters which is why they are given on-the-job training to perform this work as well.

A major part of a busser’s job is to clean tables and chairs and ensure that the condiments station is properly stocked.

Sample Duties for Restaurant Busser Resume

• Set tables by placing dishes and flatware on them and change mats and table cloths.
• Ensure that the right amount of tableware is available at all times.
• Refill water glasses and take and fill orders for beverages.
• Prepare bread baskets and ensure that they are served as soon as customers are seated.
• Serve coffee and tea and ensure that cream, sugar, and artificial sweeteners are always available.
• Remove plates after customers leave and ensure that they are safely delivered to the kitchen area.
• Move condiments and table decorations after customers leave and replace tablecloths.
• Check chairs and booths for crumbs and other spills and ensure that they are cleaned properly.
• Set tables for maximum capacity and ensure that ashtrays are made available in smoke zones.
• Light candles and ensure that they are replaced when they burn out.
• Maintain awareness of litter on the floor and pick it up during the cleaning process.
• Keep restaurant areas clean of debris and clutter and keep stations clean and tidy.
• Handle station stocking duties by ensuring that all condiments and napkins are available at all times.
• Assist in bussing banquet and buffet tables and ascertain refilling of dishes in a timely manner.

Education, Qualifications, and Skills

To work as a restaurant busser, you need a high school diploma or a GED. The ability to stay on your feet constantly is a given in this role.

Also, you have to be extremely organized as you will be responsible for the overall ambiance of the restaurant area.

Since a busser’s role requires one to be on his or her feet for long hours, physical stamina is an absolute must in this job.

They have minimum contact with customers but are still required to possess exceptional customer service skills.