Food and Beverage Server Resume Objectives

Updated on March 7, 2018

A food and beverage server resume objective must never be written to use up space at the beginning of the job application document.

If you are unaware of what a resume objective is supposed to be doing, make sure that you find out what it is before you decide to use it.

While it is usually found at the top of almost every resume, it is not a required part of the resume. However, it is good to use it as it provides you with a chance to break the ice with a prospective employer, and show all that you possess skills and qualifications for a particular job.

What goes into a resume objective eventually decides the outcome of your resume. The information that you place in your objective helps to hire managers to determine your worth – if you are worth anything at all!

The fact that you are an excellent choice for a job is lost on the hiring manager unless it is spelled out in a resume objective. Think of the resume objective as your first introduction to the employer – make it positive and you can climb the ladder to success easily and quickly!

The ingredients of a resume objective are simple. What you offer regarding what the employer needs. That is it! And here are a few samples of resume objectives for a food and beverage server position to help you create your own:


Sample Objectives Food and Beverage Server Resume 


• Customer service-oriented and resourceful Food and Beverage Server looking for a position at Six Flags. Offers over 6 years of hospitality industry experience. Proficient in presenting menus according to protocols, taking orders and ensuring that orders are filled in a time-efficient manner.

• Looking for a position as F&B Server at Aramark. Bringing expertise in bussing, taking and relaying orders to ensure total customer satisfaction.

• Seeking a Food and Beverage Server position at Drury Hotels bringing a track record of success ensuring delivery of prompt and accurate service to patrons and providing them with menu suggestions according to their specific taste.

• To work for Hyatt as a Food and Beverage Server. Offering exceptional skills in handling large food and beverage orders, and ensuring delivery of same to customers to bring return business opportunities.

• Desire a Food and Beverage Server position with Aimbridge Hospitality providing benefit of skills in handling dining areas regarding food and beverage service, and ensuring delivery of exceptional customer services at all times.

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