A cocktail server is someone who dish up cocktails and other beverages in a restaurant or hotel environment. S/he is expected to greet guests as they arrive, seat them appropriately, take beverages orders and deliver them to their tables. A cocktail server needs to be very guest oriented which is why the screening for this job is quite intense. These professionals must be able to anticipate guests’ needs and fulfill them appropriately.

In a hotel environment, a cocktail server will be expected to promote different events and other programs by soliciting the guests with information regarding them. They may be asked to clean work area and customers’ sitting areas before and after a customer comes in. In addition, they may also be expected to take payments against food and beverages served.

This position is ideal for new graduates or students looking for summer jobs as the pay isn’t bad and the tips can be quite wholesome. If you are looking for a summer job that will help you save some money – a cocktail server position could be an excellent choice for you.

When applying for a job in this capacity, you must make sure that you pay special attention to your resume especially where a resume objective is concerned. Below are some examples of resume objectives for this position. Have a look!



Sample Objectives for Cocktail Server Resume

1. A Cocktail Server position with Hyatt utilizing exceptional customer service skills coupled with knowledge of serving beverages in order to contribute to the hotel’s thriving business

2. Seeking a position as a Cocktail Server at Harbor Inn where excellence in focusing attention on guests’ needs will be fully utilized

3. To obtain employment as a Cocktail Server at Hilton Suites. Bringing knowledge of different beverages and expertise in anticipating guests’ needs to maximize patrons’ satisfaction

4. Desire a Cocktail Server position at Viceroy Hotels. Offering knowledge of guest service orientation with a keen ability to promote positive relations

5. To work for Crest Resorts as a Cocktail Server where I will be allowed to employ my skills in guest services provision in an environment conducive to constant growth