Cocktail Server Interview Questions with Answers

Updated on: September 18, 2015

An interview for cocktail server position is like a final exam. How successful you are actually depends on how thoroughly you have prepared for the exam. What is the subject? You! You are the subject that you are being tested on. And what will dictate your success? How well you relate your skills and qualifications to the needs of the employer is what will dictate your success!

There is no one way to prepare for this exam. The whole deal depends on how well you can conduct yourself during the time you are being grilled.

You might believe that everything is contained in your resume. But there are some things that cannot be put into a resume. To provide potential employers with this information, an interview is necessary. Interviews enable employers to evaluate your personality, attitudes, communication skills and motivation.

When appearing for a cocktail server interview, focus on what you have done in the past and how you can replicate your achievements for your new employer. You will need to edict information that screams I can help your company meet its objectives better than other contenders for this job.

A little self-examination is important prior to an interview. Once you have clearly listed down what skills you have, how accomplished you are and what your goals are, you can easily relay this information to the employer, by succinctly and carefully answering his or her questions.

Here are some interview questions (and answers) that a cocktail server may be asked:

Cocktail Server Interview Questions and Answers

Apart from serving duties, what other duties do cocktail servers perform?
Serving drinks is not all that cocktail servers do. They are also responsible for many auxiliary duties such as preparing and stocking work areas, assisting cashiers in handling billing duties and ensuring that tables and surrounding areas are kept clean on a constant basis.

Bars are popular places for fights. What do you do if a fight is triggered on the table that you are serving?
It actually depends on the type of fight that has broken out. If it is verbal, I usually intervene by making it clear that the bar / restaurant does not tolerate behavior such as this. However, if a physical fight ensues, I immediately involve the management to make sure that neither party gets hurt.

What do you think are the most important qualities of a cocktail server?
Cocktail servers need to possess deep insight into alcoholic beverages and how they are prepared and served. They also need to be customer-oriented so that return business opportunities can be taken advantage of.

Would you ever refuse to serve customer who you think has drunk too many?
I would. Too much drinking by customers always leads to trouble. It is in my training to observe how much quantity the customer is consuming and to refuse service if I see that s/he may not be able to drive home.