Busser Job Description for Resume

Updated on: June 14, 2021
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Bussers are important contributors to the restaurant business. As people who are responsible for cleaning tables, laying flatware and dishware, and ensuring that everything is in order before customers arrive, they are considered an integral part of the system.

On a typical workday as a busser, you will be changing table cloths, removing soled dishes, laying tables, and ensuring that the condiments stock is properly maintained. You will need to be customer service-oriented and be able to work on your feet for long periods of time.

To work as a busser, you need to have an inherent love for the restaurant business. You will be required to possess a calm manner and physical dexterity in addition to holding a high school diploma. If you have had some experience in a restaurant environment, it will be considered a plus point.

Job Description for Busser Resume

• Greet customers as they arrive and ensure that they are properly seated and a waiter assigned to them.
• Assist in taking orders and relaying them to the kitchen area.
• Serve welcome drinks and refill customers’ beverages.
• Take and deliver orders for starters and beverages and ensure that condiments are available on tables at all times.
• Follow up on orders to ensure that they are delivered on time and that they are portioned properly.
• Hold trays while orders are being served and expedite and run food to patrons.
• Clear tables of soiled dishes and flatware and ensure that clean tablecloths and dishes are placed before the next customer arrives.
• Deliver used dishes to the kitchen area and provide assistance in washing them.
• Assist in food preparation activities such as making salads and soups.
• Perform preventative and general maintenance on kitchen equipment.
• Keep track of supplies inventory and ensure that low-stock items are ordered on time.
• Receive and store supplies in the appropriate storage spaces and ensure that any expired items are immediately discarded.
• Ensure the overall cleaning and maintenance of the kitchen and dining areas.