Busboy Job Description Sample

Updated on: April 10, 2019

Falling under the broader category of the dining room and cafeteria attendants, busboys work in the culinary industry.

Popular work environments for busboys include hotels and restaurants where their main job is to facilitate food services and serve food and beverages to customers.


The position of a busboy is an entry level one. This position is often filled by students or people who are interested in understanding what the hospitality and culinary worlds stand for.

In many instances, busboys work as servers even though these are two separate positions with different sets of work duties.

The main job of a busboy is to clean up after customers have left, make sure that clean dishes are set and that dirty dishes are removed.


It is also a busboy’s duty to make sure that items such as water, beverages, and condiments are timely served to customers.

In some restaurants, busboys are hired to assist waiters in their duties.

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Essentially, a busboy performs the duties listed below on a typical work day:


Busboy Job Description Sample

· Clean tables and ensure that fresh tablecloths and mats are placed

· Remove soiled dishware, glassware, and flatware and deliver it to the washing area

· Clean and polish counters and furniture and mop and sweep floors

· Clean up spilled food and ensure that floors and counter surfaces are sanitized

· Serve water to newly seated customers and inform them that they will be assisted by a waiter shortly

· Provide waiters with information about new customer arrival especially in during peak hours

· Assist waiters in serving beverages, condiments, and coffee

· Ensure that each table has a sufficient supply of napkins and tissue paper

· Keep an eye out for customers looking for service and assist them with their queries

· Make sure that the restaurant area is clean at all times

· Ensure that buffet tables are properly bussed and replenished as soon as any item runs out

· Stock cabinets and serving areas with items such as napkins, napkin rings, ketchup, mustard and extra sets of flatware

· Serve appetizers such as rolls, butter, and bread

· Ensure that there is a constant supply of ice and drinking water for customers

· Clean and organize dishes in the kitchen and expedite orders on request from waiters and servers

· Ensure that sufficient restaurant supplies such as linen, condiments, and napkins are available at all times

· Assist in clearing tables after each course and bussing them with fresh plates and glasses


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