Bar Server Objectives for Resume

Updated on March 4, 2018


Usually, no more than two or three sentences long – a bar server objective should be short and precise.

An objective statement should be compelling enough to draw the reader’s attention to skills and expertise you offer them.


Objectives for bar server resume can be drafted in various ways, as long as experiences and skills are specific to the post of a bar server.

Read the job advertisement carefully to gauge which characteristics are being looked for.

Target those qualities and mention the same in your objective statement. Make yourself a favorite applicant who is capable of performing customer service and hospitality tasks.

Conciseness and vanity are essential here.


Sample Objectives for Bar Server Resume


• Self-reliant, methodical Bar Server seeking a position with Mosaic Hotels. Offers 8+ years’ extensive experience in making cocktails, anticipating guests’ needs and delivering food and beverage orders efficiently and promptly.

• Trustworthy and versatile professional eager to work for Denny’s as a Bar Server. Bringing outstanding customer service and beverage serving skills to enhance the reputation of the establishment. Committed to attaining the highest level of guest satisfaction through extraordinary attention to detail.

• To obtain a Bar Server position at Starwood Hotel. Well-versed in determining types of cocktails that guests will require and helping them select the best beverage for their meals. Able to deal effectively with complaints and suggestions.

• Seeking a position as a Bar Server at the Red Lion Hotel. Fully capable of answering questions about menu items, beverages, and other hotel functions/services. Eager to provide pleasant, approachable service to create an extraordinary dining experience.

• Desire to work at Roots and Rye as a Bar Server. Bringing expertise in mixing drinks, cocktails and other bar beverages to attain a high level of guest satisfaction and repeat business.

• Seeking employment as a Bar Server at the Counter Burger utilizing exceptional ability to deal with guest’s needs and make them feel welcome and important. Thorough understanding of food and beverage products, handling menus and promotions.

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