Banquet Server Job Description for Resume

Updated March 7, 2022
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With lots of new restaurants, halls, and country clubs opening worldwide, banquet servers are in demand all over the world.

These professionals work in a different capacity as compared to servers – servers usually provide services on a one-on-one basis while banquet servers are required to provide services to large gatherings.

They usually work in places that hold large events and gatherings such as convention centers and country clubs.

Their work involves setting up banquet halls; this may include setting tables, carrying meals to tables, and cleaning up once the event has ended.

They move tables and dress them in linen and also set dishware and flatware.

In addition, they fill water glasses before guests arrive and during the course of the event, carry food trays from the kitchen to the tables and ensure that guests are served efficiently.

They are expected to work quickly so that the food does not get cold and that guests are provided with what they need in a time-efficient manner.

Once an event has ended, it is the duty of a banquet server to clear dishes and flatware and carry it to the kitchen along with ensuring that all decorations are pulled down and the premise is cleaned.

Job Description for Banquet Server Resume

• Set banquet rooms and halls as per instructions of the event manager.

• Prepare rooms in terms of adjusting lights and setting appropriate temperatures.

• Ensure that all decorations have been set in accordance with the instructions.

• Make sure that tables are set with linen, dishware, and flatware.

• Fill glasses with water before guests arrive and refill them during the course of the event.

• Greet guests in a cordial manner as they arrive.

• Offer welcome drinks and ask guests if they need any additional items.

• Set banquet table with dishes.

• Carry food trays to the tables.

• Ensure that food is replenished in a quick manner.

• Deliver beverages as per guests’ instructions.

• Anticipate guests’ needs continually and fulfill them appropriately.

• Clear dishes and flatware once the event has ended.

• Clean premises along with stripping tablecloths and napkins.

• Take down decorations as instructed.