There is only one piece of advice that you need when writing an order selector resume i.e. keep it simple and real.

While it is sometimes natural to get carried away when providing information in a resume, it is important to keep it as down to earth as possible.

Imagine writing something in your resume and then realizing that you put in too much information, ending up in the hiring manager rejecting your resume!

You only get one chance. Use it wisely.

Sample ahead for your reference:



Order Selector Resume Example



Carol Baker

781 La Veta Street | North Port, FL 34201
(000) 897-5248 | carol.baker @ email . com


Performance Summary
Top-producing Order Selector with 7 years’ progressive experience in warehouse management. Rare combination of skills in selecting customer’s orders and preparing them for shipping. Track record of success working in a busy warehouse environments and ensuring delivery of exceptional services in a continuous manner.

Organized and active, able to determine the location and type of item to be selected and shipped based on information provided in order forms. Superior ability to operate forklifts to pick large orders while ensuring the safety of people and products in the area

Calm under pressure. Committed to safely transporting selected items to the delivery area, as instructed by the supervisor. Handles damaged items according to set company protocols.

Core Skills & Competencies

✓ Order Picking ✓ Forklift Operations ✓ Packing and Labeling
✓ Work Safety Practices ✓ Returns Processing ✓ Paperwork Management
✓ Transportation ✓ Error Minimization ✓ Process Improvement
✓ Pallet Building ✓ Warehouse Maintenance ✓ Stacking Protocols



Order Selector
Super Value Inc., North Port, FL | 5/2013 – Present
• Look through order forms and notes to determine the type and quantity of items to be selected
• Locate items in the inventory system, determining their physical location within the warehouse
• Hand-pick or use forklifts to pick items from their locations and compare item information from the order form
• Transport picked items from the storage area to the packing area, and check them for quality and damage
• Pack and label selected items according to established protocols, ensuring that all information on them is properly placed
• Transport packed items to the delivery area, and ensure that they are properly and safely stacked in awaiting trucks
• Ascertain that proper paperwork is developed and sent with all outgoing shipments
• Punch in outgoing shipment information in the warehouse system, ensuring that any additional data such as delays and damages is provided as well

Selected Accomplishments
• Introduced a novel order picking system, which proved to be 85% more efficient than the one already in use
• Minimized errors in order selecting by implementing processes to check and recheck order sheets for order type and quantity

Warehouse Aide
Whole Foods Market, North Port, FL | 2/2010 – 5/2013
• Assisted order pickers in locating required items within specified storage areas
• Checked information on each picked item to ensure that it coincided with order form information
• Physically moved items from storage areas to packing pallets, and ensured that appropriate labels were affixed on them
• Loaded items to be shipped onto delivery trucks, ensuring that they are safely stacked
• Ascertained that all assigned warehouse areas were kept cleaned and maintained on a constant basis

Selected Accomplishments
• Improved the order packaging system by suggesting constant oversight from order selection time to delivery
• Trained 10 other order selectors in safely operating and maintaining forklifts and pallet jacks

North Fort High School, North Fort, FL | 2009
High School Diploma

• Vocollect Technology
• MS Word
• Excel Database