Security Guard Skills and Abilities

December 25, 2018

Security guards are trained to safeguard people and property within their assigned area of work.

They are provided with training on using weapons, cameras, equipment, and alarms to detect possible or impending problems and deal with them following the protocols they are taught.

Position Overview

Security guards keep a lookout for any suspicious activity, and once they have identified such an activity, they are required to take appropriate action.

Working in many environments including offices, hotels, hospitals and private homes, they are required to remove trespassers, monitor entrances and conduct regular rounds. Security guards are also expected to watch out for suspicious activity and to be hands-on in calling reinforcements when necessary.

Patrolling and providing security for buildings is all in a day’s work for security guards. In some instances, security guards also check incoming visitors’ and customers’ identification and decided who goes in.

They are also expected to perform preventative measures to ensure that a security breach cannot be made.

There are several skills needed to become a security guard as applicants applying for this position rely heavily on these skills and abilities.

Below are some essential skills and abilities that one can write in a security guard resume.

Abilities and Skills for Security Guard Resume

• Demonstrated ability to assess suspicious individuals/situations and respond appropriately

• A vigilant and keen observer

• Exceptionally dexterous with a tremendous physical ability

• Outstanding communication skills

• Ability to take and follow instructions effectively

• In-depth knowledge of NY State law and order

• Hands-on experience in using and installing alarm systems

• Trained in physical combat and the use of arms when required

• Track record of working in extreme weather conditions

• Knowledge of supervisory concepts

• Proven ability to work independently

• Willing to work flexible hours

• Exceptional customer service skills

• Current NY State Driver’s License

• Ability to drive different kinds of vehicles and motorbikes

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