Top 17 Secretary Skills to Use in a Resume

Updated November 1, 2020
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Secretaries are hired on the basis of their skills rather than their experience. While giving a lower profile to experience is not the intent here, mentioning skills on a resume can develop a great interest.

If you are applying for a secretary’s position, your resume should positively show how good you are at your work. The essence of the skills section of your resume should revolve around your leadership abilities, creativeness, and clerical skills.

You do not necessarily have to separate these but writing something under each head (virtually), will let a prospective employer know your strengths in detail.

For instance, under the leadership skills flag, you can write about your ability to mediate problems and run meetings successfully.

Clerical skills may contain bookkeeping, file management, correspondence handling, record keeping, and so on.

Remember to list your skills in a manner in which they do not appear to be hanging in the middle. The bullet phrases of your secretarial skills obvious should be articulate and hold deep meaning.

While this may seem like too much to write under the skills section of a resume for the secretary position, this is what will get you the job, so you must place much attention on this area.

Some skills that you can mention in your secretary resume include:

17 Sample Skills for Secretary Resume

  1. Highly skilled in managing schedules and appointments to meet the demands of both ends
  2. Able to perform filing, bookkeeping, and record management tasks efficiently and timely
  3. Well versed with standard office protocols and practices
  4. Substantial knowledge of managing clients queries to ensure recurring business
  5. Exceptional talent for taking the initiative when dealing with new situations
  6. Recognized for handling core office correspondence by employing expertise in written communication skills
  7. Outstanding verbal communication skills aimed at creating an informational bridge between different departments
  8. Excellent organizational and time management skills
  9. Talented in handling office work with accuracy and on time
  10. Demonstrated administrative and clerical acumen to run smooth office operations
  11. Able to respond appropriately to customers and coworkers by exercising tact
  12. Sound judgment to understand the level of information
  13. Familiar with popular technological tools such as spreadsheets, word processing software, internet, and email
  14. Well-versed in handling accounting activities by using electronic bookkeeping software such as Peachtree and Access
  15. Professional attitude and neat appearance
  16. Handles antagonistic situations with patience and tact
  17. Ability to downplay adversities during office hours

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