Secretary Job Description and Duties for Resume

Updated October 24, 2020
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You can simply not do justice to a resume if you do not bother going through a job description. How do job descriptions help? Well, read the following job description for a secretary position and you will know yourself.

Secretary Job Description

Secretaries are hired across many industries (almost all) to provide both administrative and clerical support to executives and office operations.

They are invaluable when it comes to sorting out clerical procedures based on which each office is run properly – or not. No business can be run smoothly if there isn’t a secretary looking after the day to day things such as word processing and telephone inquiries.

Depending on which industry you work for, you will need to be trained in using a variety of software packages including MS Office. The ability to use content management systems and effectively update and maintain internal databases is also important.

Sample Job Description for Secretary Resume

  • Maintain executives’ calendars and ensure that all appointments and meetings are properly followed up on
  • Devise and maintain office systems and manage and maintain budget systems
  • Respond to inquiries over the telephone and handle scheduling duties
  • Perform transcribing, formatting, inputting, and editing work to produce the required information
  • Maintain office supplies inventory and create and maintain liaison with vendors and suppliers to ensure consistent supply
  • Operate and maintain office equipment such as fax machines, copiers, printers, and scanners
  • Handle executives’ room booking and travel arrangements by actively seeking out good deals
  • Receive and sort mail and ensure that it is routed to the correct recipients
  • Draft letters and other correspondence such as notices and memos using word processing software
  • Develop filing systems and ensure that they are maintained on a constant basis
  • Document all expenses made, especially petty cash entries, and ensure that expenses remain with the confines of set budgets
  • Arrange for outgoing mail to be delivered to or picked up by couriers and ascertain that receipts are obtained and secured
  • Assist in planning events by coordinating all aspects such as catering, venue, and promotional activities
Secretary Job Requirements

To be eligible to work as a secretary, you have to possess a high school diploma at the very least. If you have additional academic qualifications, well, they are always welcome! Additionally, you must possess an organized mind and the ability to multitask. Creating and maintaining filing systems will be part of your daily work as will be keeping diaries and arranging appointments.