Today’s job market is governed by on-target resumes, each crafted specially for a specific position at a particular firm. Such resumes require targeted objective statements as well. On target objectives are those which are highly relevant to the employer’s requirements and help the candidate in gaining a favorable impression on the employer.

Creating a targeted objective is not as easy as it may seem. The process requires the candidate first to find out what exactly are the employer preferences for a candidate to fill the secretary position. Second, the candidate must prioritize the relevant skills. Lastly, these skills must be shortlisted and only two or three of these must be incorporated in the objective statement.


Secretary Resume Objective Examples

Following are some employer focused objective statements for the position of secretary.

➜ Seeking a position in the capacity of SECRETARY within an office environment. Bringing executive support, general administration and correspondence handling skills to ensure the company’s smooth operations.

One technique to make your objective statement stand out is to format it as an offer:

➜ Offering XYZ Company exceptional skills in front desk handling, time management and calendar keeping in the capacity of secretary with a broad aim to bring betterment in daily office tasks.

If you are equipped with ample skills and knowledge needed for a secretary position, then it is advisable to stick with a basic, one liner, employer centered objective so as not to waste space.

➜ To secure the position as a secretary with ABC Company utilizing expertise in correspondence handling, coordination meetings and event management.

Objectives that overtly communicate what exactly the candidate can do for the employers have more chances of gaining attention as compared to general, vague statements.

➜ To obtain a secretary position at XYZ associates, wherein my skills in front desk handling and administrative assistance coupled with explicit communicational skills would ensure smooth running of the office.

To shift the focus of the potential employer directly onto your skills, it is a good strategy to begin with some of your core competencies that are also demanded by the employer for the position of secretary. For example:

➜ Responsible and dedicated professional looking for a secretary position with a reputed firm. Skilled in calendar keeping and managerial assistance. Enjoy working in a culturally diverse environment.

Another way to make your objective stand out is to write it in a bold and confident manner. Instead of stating it like you need the job, make it sound like a challenge you are willing to take. For example:

➜ Eager to ease the daily hectic office routine of AAA Firm through matchless office assistance and time-task management skills in the capacity of a SECRETARY.