Entry Level Secretary Cover Letter Sample

Updated on February 13, 2016

The first time is always difficult whether it is a sport, a dance or cover letter writing! But it is the first time that decides the direction your future will take. While you may get second chances where sports and dances are concerned, second chances in seeking a job from a particular company are rare – almost non-existent.

Let’s look at this way – first impressions really are last impressions where job applications are concerned. Employers have choices – even for entry level positions – and they will not wait for you to get your act together so that they can review your application again. If you have written a cover letter that is not worth much to them, they will just move on to the next one.

See why it is so important to write a perfect cover letter for secretary position? Granted that the “perfect” cover letter may not be perfect for the employer, but even a “near-perfect” one will do. If the employer likes how you have worded your cover letter, he is sure to pick up the enclosed resume and give it a viewing. You probably won’t have much to show off at this point but if you talk about your aspirations and plans (that the company will benefit from) you can wiggle yourself right into the employer’s favor.


Entry Level Secretary Cover Letter Sample


Juana Kerr
23 West Street
Houma, LA 08974
(000) 414-7855
Jauna @ email . com

February 13, 2016

Mr. Freddie Kline
Hiring Manager
Gayson Inc.
520 Polk Avenue
Houma, LA 08974


Dear Mr. Kline:

As a highly-motivated and well-organized individual who possesses exceptional communication skills, I am confident that I am a good contender for a secretary position at Gayson Inc.

Let me explain why. Even though the volunteer work at my college administrative office was a short stint, I managed to achieve a lot, specifically reorganizing the records-keeping system and increasing efficiency of information retrieval.

Not only am I a go-getter, I am meticulous when it comes to maintaining office supplies inventory and establishing office file systems, logs and indexes. Additionally, I have been especially trained as a secretary from the Clarke College, which makes me a viable candidate for a secretarial position in your company.

Being familiar with office organization and optimizing techniques, I will be immediately causative to providing assistance to administrative and clerical needs of Gayson Inc  while minimizing training costs. Let’s meet so that we can discuss this further. I will be in touch with you after few days to follow-up. Alternately, I can be contacted at (000) 414-7855.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Juana Kerr

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