Proof of Income Letter Sample from Employer

Updated July 28, 2019

You may be asked to provide proof of your income if you are applying for a loan, looking for a house, or simply traveling to another country.

This document provides information about what an individual is earning and if they have the capacity to pay back a loan or make mortgage payments.


Such a letter is usually written by an employer and states three things:

  1. Employee’s designation
  2. Employee’s standing in the company
  3. Employee’s salary information

These three things are enough to gauge if the individual is financially stable.

Proof of income letter may also include information about how long an individual has worked at a company and the status of his employment.


So if you are applying for a personal loan or buying a house, it is important for the lending company to know that you are financially stable enough to pay back the monthly installments.

You will need to provide your employer with information on why you need this document so that he or she can word it accordingly.

Proof of income letters are usually written to the concerned person as opposed to being written with a to whom it may concern header – unless specified otherwise.

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As far as standard proof of income letters are concerned, here is an example of how they are worded:


Proof of Income Letter Sample from Employer


July 28, 2019

Mr. Paul West
Loan Officer
Bank of America
889 Donaldson Road
Atlanta, GA 25354


Dear Mr. West:

The purpose of this letter is to provide income verification for Mr. Justin Timber who is working as a Project Manager for Green Earth and has applied for a home loan from your bank.

I can confirm that Mr. Timber’s annual salary is $89,253, which is equally distributed over 12 months. He is also paid on a per-project basis – since he manages to complete at least three projects each year, he earned $5777 (approximately) quarterly in addition to his monthly salary. Green Earth gives all its employees a 20% bonus each year, which may also be considered as part of his annual income.

Mr. Timber has been working for Green Earth since May 2000 and is considered an employee in good standing. At this point in time, I foresee no reason for his income not to follow the predicted path it is on at the moment. Please find a copy of Mr. Timber’s salary statement of last year which includes both project earnings and bonuses as well.

If I can be of any further assistance, please feel free to contact.


Best regards,

John Navy
Project Director
Green Earth
232 Some Ave
Atlanta, GA 20111
(777) 777-7777
johnnavy @ greenearth . org

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