Job Description for Sales Clerk Resume

Updated on December 2, 2014

Sales clerks are responsible for stocking shelves, setting up window displays, tagging price labels and obtaining items from the store. They are on their feet constantly; a feat that is not untiring.

Sales clerks make sure that the shopping experience of customers in a retail environment is perfect. They are often the first and the last people customers meet when they enter a store. They assist clients throughout the time they are in a store and give them information about the products they need and where they can find them.

To work as a sales clerk, one has to possess some knowledge of the retail world. Once you know how it works, you can perform your duties quite effortlessly. Since the retail world thrives on providing good customer services, it is important for sales clerks to understand the value of this – they are the first and often the last point of contact with customers so it is imperative that they understand how vital it is for customers to be satisfied.

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Job Description for Sales Clerk Resume

• Ask questions to determine what customers are looking for
• Guide customers to appropriate aisles when they arrive at a retail store
• Provide customers with information on displayed products and their prices and expiry dates
• Inform customers of promotional and discount offers
• Answer customers’ questions regarding products and their features
• Demonstrate product features upon request of customers
• Assist customers during the purchase process by providing needed information
• Walk customers through the billing procedure by processing payments in cash and credit
• Arrange for bought items to be delivered to customers’ homes or cars
• Coordinate packing activities with baggers and delivery staff
• Maintain knowledge of stored items and assist in handling inventory
• Handle price tagging and labeling activities
• Provide procurement officer with information on out of stock items
• Stock shelves to maintain a constant supply of items for customers
• Clean and tidy shelves on a constant basis
• Set up advertising and promotional displays in windows
• Keep records of sales and merchandize
• Coordinate activities of cleaning staff so that the store is maintained properly
• Count cash in cash register at the end of a shift and report any discrepancies
• Order and obtain cash / change at the beginning of each shift
• Handle store opening and closing activities

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