Sales Associate Resume Skills

Updated on December 11, 2016

Think you can prove your skills to an employer once you are hired? Easy? No! Wrong! You will not have a chance to prove your skills in the workplace because you won’t bag the job if you don’t prove it beforehand! Paradoxical, but there it is. Your skills need to be proven to the hiring manager to help him decide in hiring you. This is best done through a resume. Yes, you can discuss your skills in a cover letter as well but you have limited space here. In a resume, space is usually not an issue. In fact, you can dedicate an entire section to just your skills!

Writing your skills in bullet points will make it easy for the hiring manager to decipher how good you are. State at least 4 skills that you have gained over the years, working in different capacities. But since this is not a list that you are preparing, you will have to do a little better than simply writing skilled in creating correspondence. What correspondence? How will you create it? What is the expected outcome? All these matter when you write a skills statement.

Once you have decided what it is that you are good at, you can effectively write them down in a resume. Here are some examples of skills that a sales associate can write on his resume:

Sample Skills for Sales Associate Resume

• Highly experienced in determining customers’ specific requirements and creating correlating solutions to meet them
• Demonstrated ability to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction through delivery of high quality customer services
• Documented success in efficiently handling shipping processing procedures and replenishment of sales floors
• Proven track record of providing total sales solutions to customers based by delivering an outstanding store experience
• Actively ensure that customers are provided with what they are looking for
• Proficient in assisting with floor moves, merchandising and display maintenance in a bid to keep things functional within the store
• Highly skilled in operating standard POS machines to ring up sales, along with a great ability to balance cash registers effectively
• Adept at advising customers on the use and care of purchased products by providing demonstrations
• Unmatched ability to assist customers in making selections by providing them with available options
• Qualified to handle store display management duties, including visual merchandising tasks
• Effectively able to upsell products to meet both personal and the store’s sales goals

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