Sales associates have a huge set of responsibilities on their shoulders. They are provided with high sales targets and are expected to meet them all. They are required to work in unison with sales managers to identify and cultivate potential and existing customers by applying a range of sales and marketing strategies.

Sales associates are often trained specifically for the product that they are endorsing but the qualifications and skills of an individual are taken for granted. For instance, an employer will expect a candidate for this position to be polite and customer oriented naturally without having to teach them.

Employers are very careful when selecting people for this position as sales associates are in direct contact with customers and are often not supervised actively to maintain customer privacy. Once hired, they will be expected to possess in depth knowledge of sales techniques and strategies and have hands on experience in providing exceptional customer services even in times of personal distress and customer agitation. Additionally, they will be expected to lead by example and possess the ability to build and maintain positive customer relationships. This is actually the essence of the sales business – provide an excellent shopping experience for customers in order to bring about realization of the company’s sales goals.

Sales associates are expected to be totally self motivated as advocating sales may at times be a tiring and unsuccessful effort. They will also be required to possess the ability to handle more than one customer at a time, ensuring satisfaction with each. Additionally, sales associates are expected to be “talkers”. If you feel that you cannot talk customers through the commitment process within a sales cycle, well, this job is not for you!

Sample Qualifications and Skills for Sales Associate Resume

• Well-versed in greeting customers professionally
• Particularly effective in maintaining solid product knowledge
• Hands-on experience in display maintenance and housekeeping
• Special talent for operating a computerized point of sale cash register and inventory management system
• Working knowledge of reconciling daily sales and prepare deposits
• Adept at merchandise inspection, tagging, stocking and display
• Proven proficiency with arranging merchandise to maintain the highest level of visual presentation
• Demonstrated ability to achieve sales targets with assigned accounts by partnering with customers in a counseling relationship
• Highly skilled in building new business and grow assigned region by prospecting sales prospect, attracting the attention of possible customers and networking to put together a contact base
• Working knowledge of the relevant industry and business operation
• Thorough understanding of reviewing new product developments and sales techniques on a continuing basis
• Proven ability to develop a complete and broad technical knowledge of all business products

Core Competencies for Sales Associate Resume

• Customer focused
• Computer savvy
• Drive for results
• Action orientated
• Good organizer
• Priority setter