Inside Sales Representative Job Description for Resume

Updated: June 16, 2019

General Overview

As opposed to sales representatives who sell products and services from door to door, inside sales representatives operate within an office.

They are provided with sales quotas that they need to fulfill within a designated period.


Also, they are trained in handling many sales and marketing tasks from within a company, along with being given targeted product information.

Inside sales representatives generate their revenue through the creation of sales leads and cold calling.

They also call existing customers in a bid to drum up additional business from them.

Most inside sales representatives attend sales training programs on a continuous basis so that they can effectively meet the demands of the ever-changing competitive world.


To be a successful inside sales representative, you need to be an active listener and possess the ability to communicate with customers effectively.

You also need to have deep insight into sales protocols and be able to work in a time efficient manner as deadlines are of the utmost importance in this position.

An experience and education criterion for this position depends entirely on the employer, but a high school diploma is always deemed necessary.


Job Description for Inside Sales Representative Resume

• Develop, identify, and secure all relevant direct sales opportunities.

• Make cold calls to new and existing customers to explore business opportunities.

• Generate product or service interest for customers by providing them benefits information.

• Identify decision makers within an organization and endeavor to speak to them.

• Generate leads from cold calling data and ensure that any DNC (do not call) lists are respected.

• Set up appointments with customers for demonstrations and provide information of representative who will provide demonstrations.

• Relay successful leads and appointment data to concerned sales representatives.

• Make follow up calls to customers who have shown interest during initial contact.

• Handle inbound calls and provide callers with product and service information.

• Emphasize on product features and benefit, quote prices, and prepare sales forms.

• Maintain exception service and product knowledge.

• Manage pre-calling planning activities such as call opening, relay product information, and call closing.

• Anticipate questions that may be asked during phone calls and prepare for them by employing effective answering techniques.

• Analyze sales trends and competition information and tailor a unique sales approach to ensure the efficacy of call.

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