How to Write a Cover Letter for a Sales Job

The cover letter that accompanies our resume tells a prospective employer how well-suited we are for a job. Not a mere reiteration of a resume, a cover letter is a viable tool that connects us with a potential employer. Resumes are usually trashed if the cover letter that they come with, does not have the power to urge the reader to be curious about the applicant.

Writing a good cover letter is especially important if you are applying for a sales job. Why, you ask? The reason is simple – companies depend highly on their sales staff as they are the ones who bring in business. If you are applying for a sales job, you need to make sure that your cover letter pinpoints each skill that you have. The point of writing a cover letter is to make such an impact that an interview is guaranteed.


As a sales personnel, you will need to make sure that your letter is content-rich – this means adding quality information and eliminating boring content. An employer would want to know what skills you have that will bring in more sales and help you meet your sales goals. Your cover letter will automatically position you as a valuable candidate so never skip writing one.


Cover letters written primarily for sales jobs need to have one focus – ability to sell and meet provided goals. Without sounding like a complete bore, you should highlight your selling capabilities. Ask yourself the following questions:

• Do you have the gift of gab?
• Can you convince people to buy things they may or may not need?
• Are you able to close a deal by putting your persuasive skills in action?
• Do you have a pleasant personality?

Once you have answered these questions, you can simply word them appropriately and put them in your cover letter. A cover letter for a sales position will tell a prospective employer how your mind works – a letter that stands out will show that you are a talented sales individual and possess knowledge of the industry that you have applied in; a poorly written one will bring your dreams to work as part of the sales team crashing down.

Show Your Abilities

Through your cover letter for sales position, you are basically telling an employer that you have the ability to increase the company’s business. Putting in figures will help your case immensely – if you have increased clientele in a previous role, mention the percentage figure. The first “onceover” from a potential employer is typically carried out to see if there are any numbers mentioned and it is possible that he or she will concentrate on that particular area of the cover letter only.

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