Clothing Store Sales Associate Job Description

Retail environments have a lot of qualities in common – the work is more or less the same. But there are some things that are not the same between different organizations even if they are all part of the same industry. This is true of the apparel industry which in essence is retail but is quite different from its counterpart that handles groceries. People working in clothing stores have different duties to perform than those working in a grocery store.

Clothing store sales associates are the first point of contact for buyers. They greet customers as they arrive into dress shop, ask them for their particular choice in clothes, lead them to the right shelves or hangers and help them try on dress. It is important for clothing store sales associates to help create an emotional bond between customers and the brand. To be able to do this, one has to have complete knowledge of the brand including its history and popularity. One also needs to dress well – a clothing store sales associate who is not dressed well himself will fail to impress the customers. Communication and interpersonal skills are of the utmost importance in this role as one is constantly in touch with customers.

The work of a clothing store sales associate is usually target based. He is given sales objectives that he needs to meet by employing sound customer service protocol. Here is a list of duties that a clothing store sales associate performs on a typical day:

Clothing Store Sales Associate Job Description

• Welcome customers and inquire into their purpose of visit
• Determine customers’ style by observing what they are wearing and provide style-conscious consultation
• Guide customers about different available styles and clothes
• Suggest possible accessories that may complement clothes that the customer is interested in
• Make style suggestions to meet the customers’ budget and dress expectations
• Provide suggestions regarding styles, colors and sizes
• Assist customers in carrying chosen clothes to try rooms
• Provide honest feedback (if asked specifically) on clothes that customers have tried on
• Provide customers with product price information and availability
• Coordinate with storage areas to ensure that all available sizes and colors are displayed properly
• Maintain a “white glove” environment by constantly ensuring that the clothing store is clean
• Manage an easy to shop environment for customers by displaying clothes and accessories in an accessible manner
• Actively maintain floor awareness while serving customers to minimize loss and theft
• Lead customers throughout the entire purchasing procedure and answer questions to all enquiries
• Provide customers with information on discounts and bundle offers
• Assist through the payment procedures by processing cash and credit card transactions

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