Here are some tips and tricks of making an effective cover letter along with two Cover letter templates for RN Resume that will be very helpful in your job application process.

Your career portfolio as a Registered Nurse must be stocked with all the credentials possess, when applying for RN jobs. Besides a good resume, a brief cover letter is a critical piece of your nursing portfolio.

Your Cover Letter for RN Resume/Portfolio should be modified and tailored to the requirements of Employer.

Introduction and Body
A small introduction must include a reason why you are submitting your application for RN position. If you say, “I am a very skilled Registered Nurse with 10 years of extensive experience,” use the next paragraph to support this statement with details regarding your education, training, skills and employment history.

Include a solid statement at the end of your letter, such as, “I am confident I would be an excellent addition to your nursing team.” Offer to meet with the employer at their first convenience, and close with a formal signature (for example, “Sincerely,” followed by your full name and handwritten signature). State any follow-up steps you might take after sending your application.

Appearance Matters
Your letter must be typed in a clear font, and it should not go beyond one page. Using high-quality paper may make your cover letter stand out.

While you should always have a positive tone in your letter, you can also use the chance to showcase your personality in a method that would not stumble upon in your resume. Be careful to keep away from any language or funniness that may be getting the wrong idea by the employer.

Follow these templates while writing your cover letter for RN position.

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RN Cover Letter Templates


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