Registered Nurse Skills List for Resume

October 19, 2015

Success is also spelt another way – skills. Being skilled at work means that you are half successful. The rest comes with experience. But half success on your first day at work is not bad. Imagine how much you will be able to contribute instantly if you do not need a lot of training! You will be an employer’s dream come true!

To determine what skills you need write in your resume, you have to first delve into what you will need to do in a day’s work. For instance, if you are a registered nurse, you should possess the following skills:

Planning is extremely important to work at a nursing position. Filling out medical charts and allocating medication all require organization.

Stress Management
Nurses always work under stress. Stress is part of the job description. Dealing with stress as it happens is imperative if they want to lead a successful day.

As a nurse, you have to be kind and compassionate as it is the major essence of who are your required to be. Dealing with distressed patients is only possible if you have it in you to be sympathetic towards them.

In order to be able to understand patients’ needs, you have to be able to communicate with them properly. Asking the right questions, making appropriate notes and ensuring that doctors understand what you have to tell them is of great importance.

Now let us see how we can place these skills (and more) as a list on a registered nurse resume:

Registered Nurse Skills List for Resume

• Exceptional ability to handle bedside care by providing dedicated nursing care according to set patient care plans
• Skilled in designing and implementing patient care plans according to the specific needs of each patients
• Hands-on experience in providing dedicated nursing care to people from different age brackets and backgrounds
• Proficient in communicating effectively with patients, families, staff and doctors to ensure design and implementation of appropriate medical care plans
• Adept at dealing with emotionally charged situations by employing tact to help patients and families come to terms with their situations
• Focused on identifying patient care requirements by establishing personal rapport with them and providing correlating care
• Committed to promoting patient independence by establishing patient care goals and training patients and families self-care skills
• Demonstrated expertise in employing infection control procedures, to ensure patient safety
• Proven ability to diagnose diseases by analyzing patients’ symptoms and taking required actions for recovery

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