Clinical Nurse Specialist Resume Sample 2

Updated on December 2, 2015


To prepare resumes that need articulation more than anything else – like those for clinical nurse specialist positions – the importance of how you place information becomes profound. No longer can you just make do with ordinary ways of placing information in your resume.

And how exactly do you write a resume in an extraordinary manner? Since you are writing a resume to acquire a nursing position that has high responsibility requirements, you need to be able to make it obvious that you meet those requirements. If the job advert says that the company is looking for someone with a master’s degree, you will need to make sure that you have the necessary educational qualifications before you begin tailoring your resume. And so on…

For a clinical nurse specialist position, here is a resume sample that you can use:


Clinical Nurse Specialist Resume Sample


Frieda Gregory

47 Dawn Drive ● Mount Holly, NJ 98745 ● (000) 414-8574 ● frieda.greg @ email . com


• Empathetic, self motivated nursing professional with 11+ years’ hands-on experience in providing a high level of direct patient care.
• Specialized in handling oncology cases, with a distinctive focus on cancer prevention.
• Demonstrated expertise in serving as a clinical expert in the delivery of dedicated patient care, by both creating care plans and following existing ones.
• Hands-on experience in implementing alternative solutions to address healthcare system problems and patient care issues.
• Proficient in providing surgical care in sync with facility, federal and state regulations.
• Qualified to develop, coordinate and implement educational programs for patients and their families, to help them come to terms with changes (healthcare related) in their lives.


• Healthcare Infrastructure• Rapport Building
• Organized Reporting• Standards Improvement
• Self-care Education• Therapeutic Communication
• Patient Risk Anticipation• Care Delivery Oversight
• Healthcare Plans Development• Cancer Cure and Prevention
• Comprehensive Client Care• Clinical Care Consistency


MOUNT HOLLY GENRAL HOSPITAL, Mount Holly, NJ | May 2008 – Present
Clinical Nurse Specialist

• Establish and monitor patient care standards and make recommendations for plausible changes within the system
• Design educational programs for patients and their families and assist nursing staff in implementing these programs
• Develop and implement interdisciplinary plans of care for complex and / or high risk patients
• Provide feedback to physicians and other healthcare professionals to assist them in handling the needs of each individual patient
• Perform clinical evaluations and make clinical judgements to resolve complex nursing issues
• Serve as a clinical expert in delivery of perioperative care and assist in the provision of surgical care
• Decide where and how to allocate nursing staff and associated resources
• Assess patients to determine their conditions and develop and implement specialized treatment plans
• Analyze patient data and outcomes and write correlating reports

Key Achievements
• Introduced the PreScanner, a specialized scan to determine if patients have the cancer gene, thereby saving them from advanced stages of the disease
• Implemented a clinical training program coined Train Me, aimed at training RNs in handling patient care in a more dedicated manner
• Improved the healthcare infrastructure by streamlining nursing procedures across all departments within the unit
• Trained nurse units in communicating with patients in a therapeutic manner, which increased patient confidence in the facility

MOFFIT CANCER CENTER, Mount Holly, NJ | July 2001 – May 2008
Registered Nurse

• Assessed patients to determine their healthcare needs and provided feedback to nurse manager
• Provided support in implementing individualized patient care plans
• Assisted patients in handling their personal needs such as washing, grooming and toileting
• Administered medication according to patients’ prescribed plan of care
• Observed patients for signs of improvement or deterioration and tweak care plans accordingly

Registered Nurse (New Jersey)

Master’s Degree in Nursing
Major: Oncology

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