Key Holder Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

Updated December 12, 2021
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Position Overview

People who are hired to work as key holders are provided the same training as that of a manager or an assistant manager.

Keyholders are usually hired in the retail industry where their main job is to manage the store when neither manager nor assistant manager is available.

Typically, a key holder will create and maintain an effective liaison between employees and the management – he or she motivates staff members, assists managers in their functions, and facilitates communication between staff members and management personnel.

Position Requirements

To qualify to work at this position, an individual has to possess a high school diploma or a GED.

Usually, a sales associate who has shown meticulousness in work and possesses leadership qualities is trained for this position.

Mostly, an existing employee is picked to do the job of a key holder as he or she will know the ways of the organization, and can easily handle management duties.

So if you have a friendly personality and are a self-starter who consistently delivers outstanding personalized retail experiences, you may be just right for this job.

Typical duties that you will be required to perform as a key holder are given in the list below:

Key Holder Job Duties, Tasks and Responsibilities

• Supervise employees so that they complete tasks in a time-efficient manner, in the absence of a manager.
• Manage sales floors and timely open and close stores following proper procedures for premises safety.
• Lead customers through sales processes by demonstrating product features and benefits and helping with the payment procedure.
• Maintain the store’s visual merchandising standards by ensuring that all visual displays are properly installed and maintained.
• Maintain current knowledge of all products within the store and ways of applying them while servicing customers.
• Assist store managers in ensuring that stores are kept clean and in sync with organizational procedures and protocols.
• Participate in the hiring procedure by screening and scheduling interviews for candidates.
• Provide individual and team performance feedback and recommendations to the higher management.
• Provide support to the onboarding and continued training of sales associates and lead and model selling and customer service experience standards.
• Assist in setting the direction and goals for each shift and ensure that employees receive scheduled breaks and meal periods.
• Support replenishment activities to ensure constant stock availability and assist with floor sets, visual presentation, and signage placement.
• Ensure that a visually appealing and safe and inviting store appearance is maintained.
• Act as a point of contact to address customer service issues and maintenance and vendor problems.