Fashion Retail Resume No Experience

Updated on: December 22, 2015


Resumes are usually no fun to read but can you imagine the glee on an employer’s face when he reads one that is fun to read? It may be a rarity but that does not mean that it doesn’t exist! Employers are notorious for giving resumes cursory glances that last all of 20 seconds. But that is no good if you are applying for a first job and are enthusiastic to make a good impression. So what will you do?

You will make sure that your resume is not a bore. It does not matter what type of a job you are applying for – even if it is seemingly mundane, do your best to make your resume do the tango with a prospective employer. The format and how you put information in the format matter tremendously. Give the employer an easy to read and navigate resume and he will reward you with an interview.

Remember that there is a thin line between creating a resume that “talks” and one that simply “babbles”. Make your resume talk by only providing information that is relevant to the job description. In a bid to stand out (because we do not have much / any experience in the field), we often end up writing things that have no relevance to the position. Refrain at all costs!


Fashion Retail Resume No Experience


Bridget Jones

85 S Elk Street ● Hebron, ND 54123 ● (000) 332-4343 ● bridjo @email .com


SUMMARY: Creatively inclined, with a deep sense of current fashion trends in the industry. Demonstrated ability to meet customers’ demands by effectively comprehending their needs and delivering coinciding services, with the aim of repeated business opportunities.


• Specialized courses in retail fashion, including fashion merchandising and consumer behavior
• Focused on providing customers with quality assistance during their quests for buying appropriate clothing items
• Long-term interest in handling visual merchandising activities by employing detailed fashion sense
• Deep insight into taking out stock and handling inventory control duties in a bid to keep frontend operations smooth at all times


• Fashion Merchandising • Variations Analysis • Strategic Planning
• Trend Awareness • Logistic Processes • Inventory/Stock Handling
• Cash Handling • Complaint Escalation • Visual Merchandising

Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Retail Management


NAHI NALU BEACHWEAR BOTIQUE, Hebron, ND (6/2015 to 11/2015)
Retail Intern

• Acted as the first point of contact for customers looking for clothes and fashion accessories
• Provided information regarding prices and types of clothes available
• Assisted customers in choosing fashionwear according to their needs
• Provided suggestions regarding appropriate clothes and accessories for different types of events
• Assisted customers with fittings and provided feedback
• Ascertained that all sizes and colors are available for each stock item
• Contacted procurement managers to inform them of low stock and ensured that existing stock is properly displayed and extras are stored