Tailor Skills for Resume

Updated: August 8, 2017

You may not agree to it totally, but your skills are what get you a job – or become responsible for you not being able to get one.

A resume gives a job seeker great leeway and chance to articulate his or her skills in a profound manner. When you sit down to prepare your resume, make sure that it holds a dedicated section for skills in it.

What would one write in the skills section? The big idea behind writing a skills section is to effectively communicate your abilities and work prowess to a hiring manager who has seen the likes of “ordinary” much too often.

This indicates that whatever you write in the skills section of a resume has to be anything but ordinary. While your skills may be considered commonplace in the larger order of things, you can very well convert them into something that the recruiter is immediately impressed by.

Playing with words is what you have to do at this point. Writing positive statements, that truly bring your abilities out is what is required. How does one do that? It is simple. One thing that you need to keep a lookout for is not to simply say “I am skilled in xyz”. Nothing will kill your chances more than a vague statement such as this.

Here are some sample skills statements for a tailor position:

Sample Skills for Tailor Resume

• Demonstrated ability to determine customers’ specific design, style and cut requirements, and providing them with correlating suggestion.

• Highly experienced in deciphering current and future trends in fashion by performing detailed research work.

• Skilled in copying, adapting and emulating popular designs and cuts to meet the specific requirements of each customer.

• Exceptionally well-versed in choosing and cutting fabric according to specifications of end-product design.

• Competent in measuring parts such as sleeves and pant legs, and marking and pin-folding alteration lines.

• Qualified to assemble garment parts and join them with basting stitches, using needles and threads.

• Deep familiarity with operating standard and complex sewing equipment, and ensuring that both preventative and regular maintenance is performed on it.

• Proven ability to fit, alter and repair clothing articles, by applying principles of garment design and styling.

• Especially talented in maintaining garment drape and proportions, and adjusting fabric and other materials during garment production cycles.

• Highly experienced in developing, copying or adapting designs for garments, and designing patterns to fit measurements.

• Hands-on experience in creating and maintaining effective liaison with fabric suppliers to ensure timely and
accurate delivery of materials and supplies.